Location: Queens, New York

Year: 2014

Participants: Felipe Lanuza, Yiorgos Papamanousakis, Natalia Stepanova


2009 valparaíso cultural park competition

Participants: Paula Araya, Bernadette Devilat, Irene Escobar, Nicolas Frenkiel, Felipe Lanuza, Carolina Oteo, Rodrigo Toro.

The ground of the ex-prison of Valparaíso accumulates successive presences of different uses and buildings over time, since the Spanish arsenal until today, when cultural activities spontaneously, appropriate the place. These different times are recorded in the field through its buildings, like the layers of a palimpsest. However, not all of these layers are evident. The remains of the first prison buildings, built in the mid-19th century and destroyed by the earthquake of 1906, remain underground. The project proposes the experience of discovering this hidden layer, in relation to those that are present on the surface, taking advantage of an exceptional potential of the site: to be a flat, almost empty space. This condition of the vacuum as amplitude, is opposed to the intrinsic condition of the narrow and winding streets of the environment. Precisely, it represents the opportunity to have an urban park in the middle of the hills of Valparaíso.