FIRST PRIZE IN UCL's “Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research” / by Bernadette Devilat

Bernadette got the first prize in the “Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research” competition, organised by University College London in 2016. The winning entry is titled 'Fragile materiality'. The image shows a still from a 3D laser scanning record from Zuñiga, a heritage area in Chile affected by an earthquake in 2010. 3d laser scanning is an accurate technology that can record the built environment as a point cloud in a short period of time with precision of millimetres. The image was composed using the scans from inside a traditional dwelling in that area that continues damaged after the mentioned seismic event, although inhabited. The scans were taken from both interior and exterior spaces. The transparency of the image allows seeing the interior space, giving a fragile aesthetics of buildings that are at are endangered by earthquakes