Bernadette's winning entry for TRANSFORMING UCL Competition by Bernadette Devilat

I have been selected as the winner of the Transforming UCL Art Competition. My images will be installed shortly along a length of hoardings along Gordon Street, London. The images are part of my current PhD research that concerns about the re-construction of historic villages affected by earthquakes in Chile, where I use 3D laser scanning technology to record and question this process. My case studies: San Lorenzo de Tarapacá, Zúñiga and Lolol have been destroyed and reconstructed many times in their history, as in Chile earthquakes occur regularly. Thus, recording these areas in a context of constant change is particularly relevant. 3D scanning is a technology that captures the built environment using a laser to capture the measurement and distances, and photographs to capture colours. The result is a 3D model of the reality with precision of millimetres. Distortions, cracks and other effects of earthquakes on buildings can be easily identified using this technology. Furthermore, it is a three-dimensional reflection of the state of a place at a given moment in time, which allows us to virtually transport ourselves to that place and study it. As such, this technology may constitute a very powerful tool for post-earthquake intervention and reconstruction, especially in a seismic country like Chile.